Safety and Risk Management Professional

Posted: Dec 20, 2017




Responsible for:

  • Employee safety and regulatory compliance for the Natural History Museum, La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, and the William S. Hart museum.
  • Reviewing current safety practices and providing ongoing training to employees.
  • Design an effective safety program for all departments, monitor safety compliance and report safety issues and progress to superiors. Additionally, must identify potential hazards and recommend solutions and ways to prevent them from reoccurring.


 Plans, implements, coordinates, and assess museum accident, fire prevention, and occupational safety programs under general direction of the Chief Talent Officer. Utilizes knowledge of industrial safety-related engineering discipline and operating regulations.  Ensures that the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) policy is current and available upon request.

  1. Develops and recommends new procedures and approaches to safety and loss prevention based on current best practices and data gathered from past incidents. Supports each department in implementing and enforcing safety regulations and codes.
  2. Ensures OSHA requirements and guidelines are met for all sites. Assumes a proactive approach to safety concerns by conducting building and grounds surveys on a regular basis to detect code violations, hazards, and incorrect work practices and procedures.
  3. Disseminates and implements information to various department managers regarding toxic substances, hazards, carcinogens, and other material handling information.
  4. Conducts regular assessments and evaluates the effectiveness of the safety program. Incorporates the museum vision to align desired results for the effectiveness of safety practices.
  5. Supports and collaborates with our security department to conduct safety, emergency, medical, and security training for all departments. Coordinates with outside parties, such as the Los Angeles Fire Department, to conduct various trainings, including C.E.R.T. training for employees on-site.  Training will vary in nature and will include both required and internally requested training.
  6. Administers the Worker’s Compensation program, including initial reporting of injuries, investigation of injury or accident occurrence, communication with claim’s adjuster, OSHA safety log reporting, and assessment for future risk aversion. Completes ergonomic and safety evaluations as needed to reduce repetitive motion and other foreseeable concerns.
  7. Coordinates with Los Angeles County on safety support and needs.
  8. Creates and maintains records of all training and drill records for each site and each employee. Including lock-out tag out, confined space, tools, lifts and other equipment.  Reviews all training material and maintains the data with current regulations and best practices.
  9. Participates in a new hire orientation and presents safety policies, procedures and general awareness of safety practices as appropriate for the position. This includes emergency response basics, assembly areas, and accountability as appropriate.
  10. Creates and maintains a response protocol for off-site expedition groups, including medical, security related, and hazardous material handling training.
  11. Coordinates with a third party agency to maintain and restock all the first-aid supplies.


Performs related duties as required, including assuming responsibility for major projects and initiatives designed to meet the Museum’s mission and goals.


 The incumbent is in a non-confined office-type setting in which he or she is free to move about at will. The environment for this position is mostly clean and comfortable but may include some minor annoyances such as noise, odors, drafts, etc.

In the course of performing this work, the incumbent:

  • Will spend substantial time sitting, utilizing the computer, and walking around the building and grounds at the 3 locations. Will also be working off-site occasionally to review safety procedures and practices at remote locations.
  • Must travel via personal vehicle or public transport to off-site meetings.
  • May lift up to 25 lbs. periodically.
  • Operate a computer using various Microsoft Office and educational software.

These specifications are general guidelines based on the minimum experience normally considered essential to the satisfactory performance of this job.  Individual abilities may result in some deviation from these guidelines.

To perform effectively in this position, the incumbent is expected to have:

  • An advanced degree or extensive equivalent experience in a field appropriate for this position and/or safety certifications.
  • Experience with Cal-OSHA, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Labor (DOL) and Department of Transportation (DOT) required.
  • Successful track record or providing visionary leadership and effective management of a complex and sizeable organization, preferably one with environmental, educational, or research interests.
  • Demonstrated training and project management experience, including involvement in planning, budgeting, and staff development and supervision.
  • Ability to listen to, facilitate conversation between, and forge collegial relationships with various constituencies.
  • Experience with internal evaluation and assessment of programs, as well as experience with industry-standard metrics for evaluating safety and risk assessment outcomes.
  • Highly skilled in diplomacy and collaboration combined with ambition and a willingness to take risks.

Applicants and employees are invited to identify reasonable accommodations that can be made to assist them to perform the essential functions of the position they seek or occupy. The incumbent must be able to perform this job safely, with reasonable accommodation if necessary, without endangering the health or safety of him/herself or others.

Contact: Aurora Flores, HR Generalist

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