Situational Awareness – Be Jason Bourne

Posted: Jun 18, 2017

  • August 8, 2017
    7:30 am - 8:45 am

We see the signs in airports, malls, and large public venues; “If you see something – say something”; but what are we supposed to be seeing? These are questions many of us ask ourselves. There have been workplace shootings and public shootings. Our children learn about the concepts of “Run-Hide-Fight” in elementary school. There are now four types of workplace violence categories identified in the workplace; OSHA named three, the FBI added one. In this session we will discuss the various causes of workplace violence, what employers and employees can do to minimize some types of workplace violence and learn awareness techniques such as those taught to fighter pilots to help us be more vigilant of our surroundings.

Our Speaker: Cathi L. Marx, ALCM, COSS, COSM, CHS-V is the President of Aspen Risk Management Group and a 27 year member of ASSE. Cathi started her career in safety in 1984 when she enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserves at the Concord Naval Weapons Station; Port Safety and Security. Her eight years in the reserves gave her the foundation to begin her safety career in Occupational Safety. She has taught active shooter / situational awareness to hundreds of employees across the Country, has conducted threat and risk assessments at dozens of places of worship and local business to identify and reduce their vulnerabilities to attack.



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