Safety Risk Manager

Posted: Oct 03, 2017

Safety Risk Manager

  1. Maintain written backup to all verbal agreements and decisions including all site visits, investigations, directives, safety topics (awards,certifications & employee warnings), meetings and work comp related doctor visits.
  2. Maintain the STAR program including training.
  3. Assist Project Team with generating,maintaining and organizing safety documents (site audits,permits,JHA’s,MOP’s, training certifications and etc)
  4. Assist PM/Foremen/Super on follow up with daily reports and safety meetings.
  5. Assist with PM/Foremen/Super on whom and how we are properly documenting internal audits,safety tool box talks, training and accident/injury incident investigation



  1. Build a good relationship with the contractor,client, vendors, partners and fellow employees through positive leadership by coaching and continual education.
  2. Develop a high level of respect and trust with all parties by having i
  3. Provide and empower others to deliver a positive non-confrontational safe work environment in and out of the office.


Scope of Work:

  1. Participate with PM/Foremen/Super on all internal Turnover meeting
  2. Thoroughly understand contract documents such as SMI scope,Contractors scope,as it relates to Safety.
  3. Thoroughly understand SMl’s MOD rating and track all injurie
  4. Directly responsible for managing all Injury/Accident investigations,initial doctor visits, follow ups and first point of contact with First Aid res
  5. Assist Executive officers and HR with monitoring and managing all accident/injury claims and implementing specific Back to Work program
  6. 1 Assist PM/Foremen/Supervisor in reviewing and understanding the key critical Safety issues relating to each project. When necessary provide input on sequencing,durations, feasibility, improvements and training.
  7. Assist PM/Foremen/Super on submittals for safety equipment selections on the basis of product knowledge, e.Safety, availability,labor savings, quality, and costs.
  8. Directly responsible for managing and procuring Safety supplies and
  9. Coordinate with PM/Foremen/Super on attending Job related meetings e. Safety, Kick Off/Job Walk, QC,and Troubleshooting.
  10. Assist PM/Foremen/Super on collecting and storing of Job photos related to Safety.
  11. Assist PM/Foremen/Super with generating and maintaining all Safety Binders.
  12. Assist PM/Foremen with procurement of all Safety related items (PPE, Shoring,Trench Plates,Safety Equipment,Fall Protection and etc).
  13. Assist Safety Committee with scheduling STAR Training and conductingthe monthly Safety Committee meetings.
  14. Maintain STAR reports and other computer generated Safety spreadsheets and reports.
  15. Proficiently operate all office and site equipment,including; Personal Computers, Copiers,Voice Mail,Fax machines, Safety Equipment,PPE and Fall Protection.
  16. Run errands, including picking up supplies and/or materials.
  17. Directly responsible for all STAR training needs (internally and externally).
  18. Conduct all employee orientations.



  1. 1. Ensure that every employee goes home Safely through ongoing quality training,positive leadership and risk management .
  2. Improve our MOD rating through employee training, site visits,seminars, insurance

meetings, tracking relevant statistics and participate in continuing education programs.

  1. 3. Maintain highest level of communication with the General Contractor, employees, vendors and

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